The Future of Our Breed

Are you a youth under 22 with a passion for Scottish Highland Cattle?!

Join NEHCA Juniors and meet other youth who share your passion for the Highland breed!

Whether a beginner who wants to learn more about Highlands or an experienced breeder, NEHCA welcomes you to join our youth association and get involved!

Upcoming 2021 NEHCA Junior Events!​

  • NEHCA Spring Show/ Big East Youth Show: Eastern States Complex- Springfield, Massachusetts
    • May 1-4, 2021, show registrations due April 1st!
  • Massachusetts 4H Beef Camp: Amherst, Massachusetts (canceled for 2021)
  • Boonville County Fair: Boonville- Oneida County Fairgrounds- Boonville, New York 
    • July 30th- August 1st, 2021
  • New York State Fair: NY State Fairgrounds- Syracuse, New York 
    • August 28th- September 1st, 2021

2021 AHCA Junior Opportunities!

2020 was far from a fun-filled year. As the 2021 world slowly reopens from covid-19, let's raise your spirits by reading and applying for multiple great cattlemen educational opporuntities for Juniors! The American Highland Cattle Association Junior (AHCAj) Committee is offering multiple sponsored educational opportunities, apply now!

Not an AHCA Junior? No worries, AHCAj memberships are free.

Find official application information on the AHCA website.

2021 AHCAjr Programs
Contact NEHCA Youth Director:
Laura McDowell-May 
(508) 776- 7150
For Additional Junior Questions! 
NEHCA Youth Representative:
Alexis Washburn
(607) 731-8787
For Additional Youth Questions! 

Common Junior Questions:

NEHCA Junior age limt?

NEHCA Juniors welcome youth aged 21 or younger as of January 1st of the current year! (Same as your 4H age): - I am currently 7, am I too young to participate in NEHCA juniors? Nope! - I am currently 18 and a legal adult, are I too old to be considered a NEHCA Junior? No, you are still a NEHCA Junior! You still have plenty of years to participate in NEHCA Junior events! - I am registering for the Spring NEHCA Show in May and I am 22 years old. I was 21 on January 1st, but I turned 22 on April 13th, am I still considered a NEHCA Junior? Yes! You are still considred a NEHCA Junior, you can finish the current calendar year as a Junior!

What types of cattle can I show in the NEHCA Junior Show?

NEHCA Juniors can show AHCA registered breeding stock entered in the NEHCA Open Show. All hiefers, cows, steers, and bull calves are welcome in Junior showmanship. Bulls exceeding 12 months of age are not allowed in the NEHCA Junior Show.

I am not from New England, can I still show in NEHCA Junior Shows?

Absoultely! Join the NEHCA membership and we look forward to showing with you!

Can beginners show at NEHCA Junior Shows?

Yes!! Whether you have years of experience or it's your first time cattle show, we welcome you to exhibit in the NEHCA Junior Show! Older Juniors and young adults are a wonderful resource to answer Highland questions and help you learn new cattlemen skills.

Become Apart of NEHCA Tradition

NEHCA Junior Spring Show Grand Champion & Reserve Champion Breeding Heifer are presented with a traveling trophy.

Winners must return the trophy at the next spring show (engraved) keeping the tradition alive. You only get to keep the trophy for one year (unless you win it again!). Your name remains written as apart of NEHCA Junior history!

Congratulations to the past NEHCA Travelling Trophy Winners!!  


Grand Champion Female

Junior Show

Travelling Trophy Winners  

  • 2021 You?!

  • 2019 SWM Clodia: Jacquelyn May

  • 2018 Flatheads Sileas: Annalee May

  • 2017 SWM Camilla: Miriam May 

  • 2016 SWM Camilla: Miriam May

  • 2015 Seawind's Bristol Annie: Jacquelyn May

  • 2014 Trafalgar AbileneJessica Richardson

  • 2013 STR The Lucky One: David Marthers

  • 2012 Trafalgar Xena: Jessica Richardson

  • 2011 Summit Ranch Whitney: Jessica Richardson

  • 2010 Almosta Farm's Samantha: Miriam May

  • 2009 DH Rosehill Colina: Steven Smith

  • 2008 Shat Acres Cinnamon Star: Alyssa MacCheyne

  • 2007 Gilchrist's Shady Lady: Jeffrey Miller

  • 2006 Blossom at Gilchrist: Jeffrey Miller

  • 2005 Ledyard's Edradour: Samuel Fessenden

  • 2004 MBL Fatima: Rolin Fairbrother

  • 2003 Black Watch Kaley: Christopher Markwell

  • 2002 Lily of Blossom Ridge: Catie Rolica

  • 2001 Matthew Markwell

  • 2000 Kaitlin Connolly

  • 1999 Beth Colvin

  • 1998 Christopher Markwell

  • 1997 Renee Bannon

NEHCA Reserve Champion Female

Junior Show

Travelling Trophy Donated by:

Horacio Roberta & Catie Rolica

  • 2021 You?!

  • 2019 SWM Bristol Aria: Jacquelyn May

  • 2018 SFF Leap of Faith: Alexis Washburn

  • 2017 STR Alexis: Miriam May 

  • 2016 Seawind's Time is Now: Annalee May

  • 2015 Twinflower Aileen: Peyton Spring

  • 2014 Flatheads Sileas: Miriam May

  • 2013 Trafalgar Abilene: Jessica Richardson

  • 2012 Seawind April's Nick of Time: Annalee May

  • 2011 Seawind April's Nick of Time: Annalee May

  • 2010 Double LL Royalle: Steven Smith

  • 2009 Ainsworth Arabella: Torre Peters

  • 2008 Spring Flight Contessa: Jacquelyn May

  • 2007 Spring Flight Bosha: Miriam May

  • 2006 Race Hill Tessa: Chris Josefson

  • 2005 Ledyard's Bowmore: Samuel Fessenden

  • 2004 Trafalgar Madeline: Matthew Markwell

  • 2003 Ledyard's Frances Mae: Samuel Fessenden